my name is lauren and i like the internet.
june 9th 2011


making fun of girls for having “daddy issues” is literally the most illogically cruel thing i can think of haha “hey you! your dad sucked! i bet that really impacted your life and the way you form relationships with other people lmfao fuckin loser” 



no one has a crush on me. i am too strong to be crushed


lol 13 year olds shouldnt be on tumblr

neither should 14 year olds

or 15 yr olds….16yr olds„ 17, 18,19, 20 yr olds,


nobody should be on tumblr

horrible website

❝ His hands were gently pulling mine from his shoulders and I was kissing him, kissing him, but he had stopped kissing back.
Lang Leav (via langleav)
❝ I can’t seem to
let you go, when
the ink has already
dried on your
goodbye letter.
you can’t lose what you never had | S.B. (via fallinlovewithapoet)
❝ i went to bed empty
but now i feel so
full to bursting
i can barely breathe
i’m so stuffed with sadness
it weighs me down
like a heavy load
and i’m scared to
ask for help managing
because this heavy load
is something i must
carry on my own
i cannot risk
weighing you down
with my burdens